The logo

An essential component of the visual appearance is the logo. This contributes to the perception and recognition of the company in the public eye.


In addition to the main logo in the colors grey, orange and black, there are two further variants in orange and white. Depending on the application/background, the appropriate version must be selected. In individual cases, this must be discussed with the marketing team


Use only on black/white background


Use only on orange background


When setting the logo, it is important to leave enough white space so that the effect of the logo is not impaired. As a rule of thumb: At least once the height of the logo's letter "e" must be left free all around! 

Sizes and positioning

When positioning the logo, make sure that it is not placed too close to the edge. The logo may only be used in this form of presentation. Please also pay attention to a balanced order of magnitude. The logo should not be set too small (height min. 5mm) and must be readable.  


Before downloading it is important to decide for which end product the logo should be used. For print (letter etc.) please download the CMYK logos and for screen applications (powerpoint slides, online PDFs etc.) the logos in RGB. In individual cases (grayscale logos etc.) please contact the marketing team!

Print (CMYK)


Screen (RGB)